Friday, February 7, 2014

Wellness Through Laughter

Indori Dil Se

Greenery all around and sun rays trickling through dense tree leaves. Parrots and peacocks moving around freely. That was our first dwelling not long time ago in this very town. Would you believe?

It’s almost fifteen years now since I moved to Indore along with my small clan. I had no friends or relatives here. It was an unknown land for me where I reached on a routine transfer in my job. Little did I realize then that it would become my permanent abode. Now I have my entire world here.

It was love at first sight for me and my family. We loved the Indori delicacies, moderate climate and warm people here. The city seemed to have a progressive outlook with so many good quality educational institutions, multiple job and business opportunities, a growing medical and pharmaceutical hub, buzzing industrial belt and SEZ and all the innovative citizen initiatives that surfaced on an ongoing basis.

There is hardly any need to mention here that I and my family have turned foodies by now as all Indoris essentially are. I am especially fond of poha and paneer tikka. Such delicious vegetarian food cannot be found anywhere else on planet earth.

Soon after landing in Indore, I started exploring all the schools of Indore along with my son Anurag. He liked the one which had the best sporting facilities. That school provided him the best rajma-chawal for lunch and he also found his best friends for life here. He is in New Zealand now but his heart always beats for Indore.

I discovered Laughter Yoga in the conducive environment here and have had the fulfillment of propagating it locally and globally along with my wife Radhika. I am proud that the first laughter session of the day for the entire world starts from Indore every morning over Skype.

My association with Laughter Yoga has helped me to be in good company of illustrious people who work for good causes in Indore. This lovely city has enabled me to touch many human lives with laughter and sunshine for which I shall be eternally grateful.

I would like to see Indore flourish in the future as a wellness, educational, IT and industrial hub with a lot of development in the basic infrastructure.

Courtesy: Sunday Times, Indore